Dr Matthew Faircloth PhD FRCP

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Faircloth is a dedicated cardiologist with a strong commitment to his patients



During this worrying time, clinics are still being held, whilst of course trying to minimise contact. We are arranging clinic schedules to introduce a gap between patients, and waiting areas (if necessary) have been spaced out. Alternatively, telephone or video consultations can easily be arranged. This is available for both insured and self funding patients.  Most tests are currently available despite coronavirus restrictions. Many insurers require a GP referral (though please discuss with them as many are currently being flexible, or will arrange a telephone consultation with their own GP to confirm the need for referral). If you are self funding, I am happy to see you without a GP referral if this is more convenient.

Cardiac Catheter Lab procedures

Procedures such as angiograms, stents and pacemaker implantations can still be performed privately at Frimley Park Hospital. The private ward has been requisitioned for the Covid response but we are able to use the state-of-the-art NHS facilities and usually have access to a single room. I am also able to perform procedures at St Anthony's Hospital. Please feel free to contact me via my PA to discuss.

About Dr Faircloth

Dr Matt Faircloth is a highly experienced Consultant Cardiologist. He has a particular interest in ischaemic heart disease and interventional cardiology (angioplasty and stenting) and also treats all aspects of cardiology including hypertension, rhythm management, pacing and heart failure.

He has practising privileges at Clare Park Hospital, Parkside Frimley and St Anthony's Hospital. His NHS  practices are at Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey and  St George's Hospital in London.

Please read on to find out more about him and the practice. If you wish to enquire about making an appointment, please click here or ring his PA, Deborah Squire on 07544 803654. You can fax us on 01483 431801. You may send an email to Deborah by clicking here 

Faircloth and Egan Ltd


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Areas of expertise

Chest pain

Interventional cardiology


Pacemaker implantation

High blood pressure



Atrial fibrillation